Amazon is reportedly making a microwave — and 7 other secret Alexa gadgets

February 28, 2019

Smart speakers, smart displays and smart buttons — Amazon’s ambitions for its Alexa voice assistant have been growing, but it’s only built a few narrow categories of Alexa products itself. Generally, the company relies on partners to provide an ecosystem of devices that Alexa can control. (We visited the Alexa lab this April.) But CNBC reports Monday […]

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Scientists have long speculated that massive volcanic outbursts triggered the ancient extinction event. Picture: Supplied

Why Earth could be heading for ‘true catastrophe’

February 11, 2019

Scientists think they’ve figured out the falling dominoes that led to Earth’s largest mass extinction and worry that human-caused climate change puts the planet on a vaguely similar path. Some 250 million years ago, about 90 per cent of sea life and 70 per cent of land life went extinct in what is now called […]

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Costner unknowingly blowing his past successes up in flames.

You probably don’t remember these behind the scenes disasters

February 1, 2019

When Waterworld came out it was the most expensive film ever made at the time. It was 1995. The film’s star Kevin Costner would remember it well, but he’d probably rather forget it. The movie flopped so badly, all these years later Waterworld is still considered one of Hollywood’s biggest cinema follies. It’s also when […]

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Landclearing leaves koalas without habitat and food.

This picture drives home the threats facing koalas, which face extinction

January 26, 2019

This picture highlights the bleak future for koalas, which face the escalating threat of extinction in New South Wales thanks to record levels of landclearing. Taken recently in Monaltrie in the state’s northeast, it shows four koalas clinging to an almost bare tree, starving and with no suitable habitat to shelter within. The area is […]

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Yayoi Kusama.

The best movie out on Boxing Day

January 10, 2019

When you’re too stuffed to eat any more Christmas leftovers and it’s too hot to bake in the sun at the beach, there’s only one option. Go to the movies. The annual tradition of Boxing Day releases is finally upon us, with a mixed bag of seven new flicks to devour or reject. Let us […]

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Can’t be stopped! Flawless Djoker sets up thrilling decider

January 1, 2019

      Novak Djokovic produced a masterclass to crush Kevin Anderson and set up a title decider at the ATP Finals against Alexander Zverev, who ousted Roger Federer after a bizarre incident involving a ball boy.     World number one Djokovic comfortably saw off the fourth seed 6-2, 6-2, never looking remotely troubled […]

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Nest hatches freestanding Thermostat E just for Europe

December 8, 2018

Smart home company Nest is bringing a cheaper version of its learning thermostat, the Thermostat E, to Europe — over a year after it launched a similar product in the US. When we say similar, we mean it, because this iteration of the Thermostat E is very much a Europe-only product. It’s designed specifically around […]

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The glacier dome of sleeping giant volcano Katla which last erupted in 1918. Picture: Etienne De Malglaive/Getty Images

Scientists blowing up over claims of imminent volcano eruption

December 7, 2018

Katla, a volcano in southern Iceland, hasn’t had a major eruption since 1918.Source:Getty Images REPORTS predicting the imminent eruption of a “highly hazardous” volcano in Iceland have been slammed by scientists as premature and “highly exaggerated”. The story was originally published by UK news outlet The Sunday Times and focused on recent airborne measurements taken […]

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‘Lively relishes the role of man-eater.’

School-gate thriller a real rush

November 26, 2018

A SIMPLE FAVOUR (M) Director: Paul Feig Starring: Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, Henry Golding Running time: 117 minutes Verdict: TWO STARS FAVOURS are rarely simple. This one has so many strings attached the characters ultimately tie themselves up in knots. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters) doesn’t have the dramatic dexterity to untangle every one of them, […]

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Monster truck Extreme flies over a jump at Wayville Showgrounds. Picture: AAP/Mark Brake

Monster’s ball at Showground

November 15, 2018

International monster truck drivers Don Frankish and Kim Carter Bard will headline another edition of the Monster Truck Rumble at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Saturday night.     The drivers tuned up their cars and got used to the track on Thursday and organisers are expecting a bumper crowd.   Kim Carter Bard, driver of […]

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